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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Daily Food Fess #6

Oh my god work is so frustrating at the moment! There was an email switchover at the weekend and now a system I use to do most of my work won't let me connect from my laptop. It's happened to about 10 people. I've got a big list and can only do half of everything I need to do. So I'm making a start on arranging the work Christmas lunch instead. Fun! Also looking at Hotel Chocolat for gift ideas (I'm not pointing out what I would like at all, no.....). I'd love to go to their new restaurant - there's one in Leeds and one in London. The food looks quite interesting. Anyway, let's not talk about chocolate, it's too tempting. This morning my breakfast was scrambled eggs, tomatoes and ham. Lunch is soup again. Dinner is bulgar wheat, veg and chicken. Yum yum! Aerobics last night was covered by a newer instructor. I didn't like it that much. She just didn't get me sweaty and breathless....hmm that sounds a bit wrong!! But anyway, I even made sure I jumped around as much as I could and it just didn't work. Body Pump is tongiht though and I am planning to up my weights, so maybe it's a good thing I didn't go too mad..

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