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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Daily Food Fess #4

Oooh I'm tired. Spent 5 hours today doing housework, including rearranging and hoovering/polishing the bedroom. A job well done! Needless to say I've changed my mind on the planned exercise routine- lugging around chests of drawers, bedside tables and a double bed is tiring enough! Today I've eaten well. Had a bowl of shredded wheat and skimmed milk for breakfast, baked beans and mushrooms on calorie controlled toast for lunch and dinner I've planned to have chicken and wholemeal pasta with tomato sauce. Also have jelly and clementines if I fancy something sweet. I was slightly tempted to eat the flapjack which was on the kitchen table, but at 14PP that's definitely a no go! So instead I heated up an apple, mixed it with a handful of porridge oats, some greek yoghurt, cinnamon and sweetener. Yum!! Very satisfying. I think tonight I'll continue watching South Park - there was one episode yesterday that made me laugh so much, I was crying! Oh and catch up with Celebrity, of course ;)

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