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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wedding Update

So as a post is long overdue, I might as well update you with my wedding plans (which is only just under 3 weeks away!).

First up, hen do (obviously). A hen do is one of those events in life that makes your ego get a little bit bigger as you realise how important and special you are to people. Embrace it and let everyone deal with cleaning up!

My super duper amazing bridesmaids rented a cottage in Dorney Windsor. It was in a very pretty, secluded area. We got drunk in our pyjamas, played games, ate tons of food and watched TV. Loved it and much preferred it to going out. It went far too quickly and I want to relive it over again.

#2: Suits. At first this was kind of hard, as the material Jim originally wanted was only available on the High Street and it would have been too expensive to buy for 6 people. Someone he works with recommended Village Grooms in Spencers Wood. The shop didn't have the tweed wool in the colour Jim wanted but he agreed that it would be too hot in June to wear it and eventually settled on a different suit. Jim looked good in it and his converse looked cool. Another thing done.

#3: Think I am just about their with the venue. It's all paid off, the photographers meal choice selected, vegan options sorted, table plan done, margarita welcome drinks confirmed, BBQ confirmed, rooms all sorted. Vows and music also sorted.

#4: Hair/make-up/accessories etc. My underwear is sorted (no bra needed - YES!). The final fitting was on Thursday, it was perfect. I bought some glittery blue pumps to wear in the evening and I want to treat myself to some nice make-up. Saw a really cool playsuit in Ted Baker but I am in between sizes, gah! Might try again in a couple of weeks. I won't slim down especially for it though, clothes need to fit me, not the other way around!
I've booked an appointment to get my nails painted the day before with my mum and Jim's mum. Ladies, any ideas?

#5: Bouquets! i ordered some silk flowers for them and they look good. I'm glad as I spent £100! Then the 5 of us will have a night in and make our own. The floristry workshop I went on was really fun! I learnt how to make button holes, corsages, cake toppers, bouquets and table centre pieces. Wouldn't mind practicing some more- watch this space!

Wow I think I may have actually pulled off a wedding! Bring on the honeymoon!