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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Damn spine!

I don’t think I have mentioned my scoliosis on my blog before so I guess I’ll just talk about it from the beginning.

A lady I used to work with noticed that one side of my back stuck out more than the other, I suppose I must have looked wonky. Then I asked Jim to check- he took a photo of my back while I was bending over and showed me- oh yes I was wonky!

I went to the doctors about it, as I had been aching too. She diagnosed me with ‘Acute Scoliosis’ and then spoke to me as if I was supposed to know what it was. What the hell is scoliosis? I’d never heard of it before. When I got home, it was googled and it made sense after that- scoliosis meant curved spine.

I started going to Pilates for a while, to try and better my posture. I can’t remember how long I went for, but then I went to a new class with a different instructor at lunchtimes as the business park put on subsidised classes. Eventually this instructor recommended me to a Chiropractor (turns out they were friends recommending each other). My Chiropractor was very good, and helped to correct most of it. I had acupuncture, lots of adjustments and massages. Then she left to set up her own clinic in Birmingham (boohoo! ) and the one who took over was okay. She didn’t really seem to do that much each session and just spoke at me about what Scoliosis was. Both her and the GP thought I had it since birth, and that it was strange no one had spotted it before.

Anyway, my new Chiropractor wanted me to get referred for an X-ray. When I went to see my GP, she didn’t think I would need to have an x-ray. I quit the Chiropractor sessions because it was too awkward to get to on weekdays and weekends, but I did mean to book one in the town that I lived. I just kept putting it off but lately I’ve been so so wonky and aching like a b**** so I went to this new one. 50 quid later, I had my x-rays and went back last week to see the results. I wasn’t looking forward to it when he said “yours is the worst Scoliosis I’ve seen,” and “you will make an interesting case study.”

 photo f264226d-a064-4c7c-bd2f-720b7b1f8d6c_zps2335360a.jpg  photo 59402e66-2ed9-4599-8973-7339d09245cd_zps3cabfc80.jpg
 photo 9c8a5625-2291-4b9d-ad5c-7fe06460343b_zps6c9fdcfb.jpg photo 4fcfd296-a3fb-45e2-ae53-ac2582b44041_zps98a63c71.jpg Well there you go. My neck is curving the wrong way to what it should be, my coccyx should be in line with the rest of my spine (see how far out it is?!) and the rest is an 'S' shape. Woah. So now I’m going to have to go 3 times a week until things start improving. Eventually I’ll go less. He already did some adjustments on me and they felt good. Nice and relieving. My screen at work has been raised so I am actually in the correct position now, so that should help my neck! I'll let you know the progress.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Happy days

Yummy food this week
 photo 78301948-d503-4050-acad-b335c6db2db9_zps39dc6bc0.jpg
Red Pepper & Courgette Lasagna (only 7PP on WW!)

 photo 7ac5f0c6-1f70-4c31-bb6f-18ae5da63dd9_zps5aae3342.jpg
Sweet Potato & Spinach Curry with feta cheese

 photo fb5d697b-be2e-41d4-a86d-c4a905c8627d_zps10a9c89a.jpg
Tuna fishcakes, avocado, potato wedges and salad

Chuffed that I finally found a sequin jacket and dress both in the sales. Been looking for well over a year!
 photo b8b78c31-4eaf-44ce-9a17-c6afea3a132a_zpsda90cd7d.jpg

Friday, 21 March 2014

Today is another day

Quick update with the weigh ins - I am now 5lbs over goal. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit miffed with myself yesterday, but today I browsed through twitter for some inspirational quotes, exercise ideas and recipes, and they put me in a better mood.

I know a lot of people are saying that people shouldn't worry about the number on the scales too much. I've changed my exercise routine but no way is all of that muscle! My jeans feel too tight so I think that's how I'm gonna keep myself in check. I've been taking my measurements for a while anyway, so I'm still keeping up with that too.

I read a couple of great blog posts yesterday by Snack Therapy and Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish. Snack Therapy wrote down what 'healthy' means to her, and Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish (sorry I can't remember their real names!) wrote about relationships with food, and that half of dieting is sorting your head out rather than changing diet and exercise. I think I'm more aware that I eat out of boredom while I'm at work. I don't like my job at all, it's just the money keeping me here, but after I get married I plan to change that.

Ultimate goal: move to Brighton if Jim can get a store transfer. Meet new, cool, interesting people and get a job even if it's a pay cut.

More realistic goal: stay in Bracknell, move to a nicer flat/house and apply to become an RSPCA inspector. Again, that is a paycut but at least it'll make me happy.

So for now, I'll live with what I've got and make the best of things. The sun is shining today, I am wearing my favourite orange dress, and I've heard a lot of songs I love today instead of listening to the news. My kitchen is clean and tidy and I don't have to do anything when I get home this evening except watch some TV and hang out with my best mates. Life is good.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Health Food Favourites

I've been reading a load of health blogs lately, and these are the foods I've found that they all seem to eat. I love them too! Yum.
 photo 250bc55c-9910-49a1-8333-16fa38cb21d7_zps59f535ba.jpg
What are your fave foods?

Sunday, 16 March 2014


Just a few pics from my lunchtime walk on Wednesday. It was such a gorgeous day!
 photo 4ef012bb-ee2c-4d27-a293-0a364abb07fe_zpsd61976a8.jpg
 photo 02f7b88e-e492-4b76-a734-699852a0a522_zps06ccd48b.jpg
 photo 21984dab-e18e-43e5-93e2-7fdb36f85c9b_zps3164796c.jpg
 photo 67f60b0a-dcaa-4490-9324-045882fec6de_zps2bc7c5b5.jpg
 photo 98d51c61-0a53-4845-b3b3-0b9be3a10b62_zpsf170f94b.jpg

Happy days!
 photo 04b50b19-2ef6-4571-8739-4b1ca79b099d_zps38d30a4d.jpg

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Meal Plan Week #1

Pasta, homemade sauce, roasted veg and quorn sausages.
Spanish omelette
Prawn stir fry, egg fried rice
Red pepper & courgette lasagne
Chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese wrapped in parma ham, asparagus and cherry tomatoes
Chilli con carne
Salmon fishcakes & salad

Sunday, 2 March 2014

This week

I put out fires
 photo 4891cc8b-0764-4891-ac2f-13d6edd32ed4_zps2d7ee2e0.jpg

Saw my besties at the pub
 photo 587d80d5-8409-4514-8ac1-848a6eb42694_zps0b43b256.jpg photo 1e55ebe8-e13b-4db0-a775-1967fd72ea24_zps8abc6610.jpg

And made fun of Jim's Doctor Who Wannabe outfit
 photo a90cb5ce-9946-462e-b7a2-dd2001f2c4c6_zps5d94f420.jpg

Bless him.