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Friday, 22 November 2013

Daily Food Fess #3: Filling and Healthy Friday

In my last post I admitted that this week I'll accept a gain, and gain I did. 2lbs on, in fact. Bit disappointed in myself, but I can only look forwards and try and undo this for next time. I've started eating at set times just for the sake of it, so I wanted to try a filling and healthy week so I'll only eat when hungry, like I used to. Luckily the meeting was about portion control, so we talked a lot about filling and healthy. My leader gave me a quick recipe at the end for a F&H 'flapjack' that I'm going to try. If I remember correctly, it was one mashed banana mixed with porridge oats and peaches, bake it in the oven for 20 mins at 160 degrees (maybe!) and you're done. Hopefully that + sugar free jelly = 1 satisfied Toni. One of the women at the meeting pointed out a few home truths. We were talking about what triggers us to want to eat, and people started listing their reasons. Then she said that dieters don't eat because of these reasons, they just look for a reason. It is so true - we eat when we're stressed/sad/happy/it's someone's birthday/it was there/it's a Friday...the list could go on and on. This person also said that for her, it's all or nothing i.e. she either has to be extremely good and cut out everything, or when she has 1 bad thing, that's it. I think it's the same for me as well, for example the other day I couldn.t just stop at 1 cake, I had 10! I'm glad I wasn't on my own here. Me and Liz had our usual treat night when we got back. This morning I looked at how much (or should I say little) of the cake we had brought was left and decided that last night was my own personal goodbye to the binge nights. I don't want to do it anymore. What's the point? I only have to work harder the next day to undo all the rubbish I put in my body. Don't get me wrong, I'll treat myself, but I just want the ONE thing. Last night I should have stopped after I'd eating the mars bar I had been craving all week. I got up as soon as my alarm went off to do a half hour exercise routine in my living room and I felt quite pleased with myself. I started with a quick warm up, did 2 sets of rocket jumps, star jumps, burpees and something else that I can't remember! I know I was sweaty and out of breath though. Then I did some crunches, oblique twists, planks and side planks. Got to work and ate some porridge with skimmed milk, apple, cinnamon and sweetener. For lunch I'm going to the pub for a jacket potato and baked beans, dinner is homemade turkey burgers, potato wedges and peas. I've got a boiled egg for a snack if I need it, as well as banana and greek yoghurt. Ooh, getting hungry now!

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