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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Green Machine Events

Fancy going to a festival this year but just can't scrape enough cash together? Well, Green Machine Events are a Berkshire based company looking to hire volunteers to work at festivals such as Isle of Wight, Reading and Leeds and Glastonbury. For just £50 deposit (which you get back) you get into the whole festival for free, as well as access to staff camping & facilities (trust me, staff camping & toilets are so much nicer!).
If this interests you, go to for more information.

The Joy Formidable @ Camden Koko

As soon as I walked into the venue I knew it was going to be a good night. It was the first bar at a gig that actually sold drinks I like and I had to drive. Typical. Jim and I missed most of the support band, but from what I heard I didn’t like them very much. There was a lot of out of tune singing.
Once they were finished we found a good spot on the ground floor at the back, but as it was raised from the main crowd we had a good view and had a wall in front of us to put our drinks on and lean on if we were tired!
The Joy Formidable opened with Whirring being played on the harp by Joy Smith (who was wearing a brilliant, pink wig). The energy in the band straight away was great and they rocked out through the whole show. Buoy was a highlight, with Ritzy and Rhydian joining in on the drums and going mad! The crowd were a bit slow to move at first but eventually they got into it and I wished I was in the middle of them jumping up and down until my legs ached.
There was a bit of chat from the band to the crowd but they just got on with the show and played their music which is what they do best.

Here is a little video that isn't very good and my camera ran out of battery, but you can see how good our view was.