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Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Valley Effect

We said our goodbyes with the sun beating down on us, and I got choked up when I thought about being back in England in about 6 hours time. The car was quiet as we took in our last views of the Valley. Anyone would think we didn’t want to leave the beauty that is Cortijo Grande.

The first day back to work was horrible. There was a moment in the living room where Jim said it was like we are in mourning.

“I am!” was my reply.,br>
I asked Dan yesterday if he’d cried yet. “No haven’t properly cried. I done a lot of teary eyed looking at nothing though.”

Yep, that about sums up how me and Jim have been acting too.

I’ve kept myself distracted by cleaning the fridge, watching The New Statesman as a tribute to Rik Mayall, searching Spanish blogs and listening to Spanish radio while getting ready for work.

Things that I don’t like about England:
1. People going into shops with either their top off, or dressed in pyjamas
2. The thick, smoggy air
3. How many cars are on the road
4. The parking rules and restrictions
5. The fact that people drag their feet when they walk
6. Crap customer service and pubs shutting early.

Bee made a silly suggestion to me last night.

“Seeing as we’re painting my flat instead of shopping on Saturday morning, we can go up to the Peel Centre in the afternoon if you want.”

Do you not know me at all?

Shopping in Lorca has just amplified the fact of just how busy Bracknell gets at weekends. Lorca was great, no one appeared randomly from around any corners to get in my way, no one ran at me with their buggies, no mums’ swore at their child and dragged them along for just talking to them…I can feel my stress levels rise just thinking about the Peel Centre. Horrible place.

We didn't go shopping in the end. It's too rainy and grey outside. So I'm sat here watching Bottom and laughing instead.

 photo cca7f91a-e728-4058-87d8-6e58c0f2300c_zpsac94b769.jpg
The reason I don't want to be in the UK

Oh we'll be back.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Dog Walking in the Valley

Dan made this little video of our time in Spain.