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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Married Life

I'm just reading an article over on Plan Your Perfect Wedding and it's about the good things after saying the big "I Do".

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Image source: Happy Wives Club
1) You will always have someone to share and celebrate your best moments with – whether it's running that marathon or finally getting around to writing that book.
2) You will have someone there to hold you at your worst moments – at some point we all need a strong shoulder to cry on.
3) Pre-date nerves are no more!
4) You have someone who wants to mop you up and make you hot soup when you’re feeling snotty (well someone who is obligated to anyway).
5) He knows who you are and he knows you don’t look like Miranda Kerr (well not all the time…) so you can forget about trying to be perfect and concentrate on just being you.
6) You can say goodbye to standing around in sweaty clubs while some lager-lout touches your shoulder. Nothing gets rid of sleazeballs quicker than a simple “I’m married”.
7) The Big Decisions. Whatever they are there for you, there will always be someone to guide you through them and help you make them.
8) Knock, knock. Who’s there? Someone who will always laugh at your jokes.
9) You get to have sleepovers with your best friend every night!
10) Memories, in-jokes and mutual friends. These are all wonderful things that are built over time.

Am I being stupid, or shouldn't the relationship with your fiancee be like this anyway, before you get married? I know me and Jim are like that already.

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