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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Just Another Fad Diet?

Last year there were 3 people maximum trying the 5:2 diet- now there 6! I am always with the view each to their own, but I am just finding it so strange. Only 2 people are following the 5:2 diet properly - the rest are just scoffing on their eating days, treating themselves to biscuits & chocolate on their 'fast days' because they worked hard so deserved a treat, or they're just caving.

I thought it was interesting at first, but when I heard someone having a dilemma over wanting an apple but not being able to eat it or they'd go over the 500 calories, I thought it was stupid. I don't want to follow an eating plan where I feel guilty for eating healthy food, or feel weak and miserable due to being hungry. I know I'd just be one of those people who caves anyway.

What happens when you go back to normal eating?

I've almost finished my week of Simple Start and I have actually really enjoyed it. One of the guys attempting 5:2 said to me this morning, "I'm not looking forward to today."


"Oh, it's one of my fast days."

I felt quite happy with my breakfast of porridge, banana, milk & honey. And it was really tasty.

Why starve yourself if you don't enjoy it? So weird.

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