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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Starting again

My previous blogs were lacking any...spark (anyone think of a better word?) so I thought I would start again. I'm feeling more inspired and creative lately. Maybe there will actually be a theme this time.

Introduction to me
So, maybe you want to know the person at the computer, maybe not. I dont really know how first posts go, but here are a few facts about me.

#1 I'm almost always unsure what to write for these things. I dont like bigging myself up.

#2 I would love to learn to play the drums but have no money and no space for a kit

#3 My date of birth is used in The Inbetweeners, for Jays fake ID. They blur it out. It wasnt me who complained!

#4 At the moment I am obsessed with Shameless. I kind of fancy Lip sssh

#5 I want another dog. German Shepherd please!

Welcome to my blog.

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