This is what boredom has done

Monday, 28 June 2010


I saw a girl with the most amazing red hair whilst down in Brighton.
I'm so tempted to bleach mine so I can finally get it the colour I want. I dont think I'm brave enough though. It might ruin my hair...

Shall I?


  1. If you have thick hair (I can't tell on the pic) your hair can take more damage and "survive", than thin hair. When you bleach, do that with dirty hair, that also helps to protect damage. These advices I've heard from hair dressers. Use conditioner, Loreal has a conditional hair spray, you spray it on the ends, and leave it in your hair. I love it, because i can use it everyday (it says so on the bottle).

    Just wanted to say that go for it! Coloring damages always a little but if you want to bleach + super red, go to a hair dresser. I could tell advices to bleach hair yourself but then this comment would be toooooo long :DD

  2. Love the yellow with your hair colour! Great!