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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lauras "bbq"

Laura had her "bbq" last night, where the food ended up getting cooked in the oven. It was nice though. I made a nice prawn rice salad thing, yum yum.I should have taken a picture really. We also tried bananas wrapped in bacon, recommended by a family friend. They were weird.

Dungarees and shirt: River Island
Tshirt: Zara


  1. mmm yummy yummy I'm sooo hungry! hha


  2. so cool!
    btw thank you so much for your sweet comment. It's so nice of you. You're so cute.

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    Love, johanna

  3. bananas in bacon?! random.
    British BBQs always end up being done in the oven- i guess thats the fun of it! Sounds like fun anyway- cute blog too! xxx

  4. yeah, they were weird. they werent so bad you wanted to spit them out though, which was surprising.

    and thanks Cody!