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Saturday, 18 May 2013

A post mainly for myself

Okay, so I got to goal weight in March 2012, with Weight Watchers. I've managed to stay within 5lbs of my goal, but lately I've been struggling a lot. My main problem is that I eat really healthily for a while, but for some reason I decide that when I'm happy with myself, I'll eat bad foods and far too much of them. It was my birthday last week and I went away for the weekend, which was loads of fun.

 photo 4c2481e5-f4b0-420b-b290-7d89d8bb1430_zps7bcfafd6.jpg photo f294667c-979d-476a-ad83-7c0f85f2b271_zpsc068f26d.jpg

Now my trousers are tighter and the belly bulge is back. Sigh! Another one of my many 'last suppers' at the parent's tonight, and tomorrow I'll be back on track, but this time I'm logging everything on here. Holiday in 2 weeks time and I will NOT feel guilty about eating crap and putting on weight then, because to me that's what holidays are about and I'll regret it more if I don't! I just don't want to eat like that normally. 2 years to lose approximately 10lbs, easily done!

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