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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weekday Roundup

Most systems are down so cannot get on with important work. However did have time to prepare docs for new starter. Mood in the office is low; most people seem fed up.

Listened to Radio Almeria when getting ready – some old cheesy songs were played!

Text from mum: Saw some lovely dresses in Ted Baker ideal for b/maids - £50! Cue me trying to arrange 4 girls to come to Bicester on the same date – the only one who is awkward is Lizzi, as she works weekends. Might just have to go without her and get her one from somewhere else.

Panicking over We Are Scientists tickets – only ordered 2 but turns out Tony can’t come anyway.

System at work still down. 1 of the girls we offered job to has turned it down.
Got my new Spanish audio disc today – listening to it in the car.

The day I finally realised I needed a job that doesn’t cause me to get weird habits like rub my face constantly. 2 good candidates turned down the PST job. I’m going to be working with idiots if this carries on.
One of the consultants has been going round telling people that he thinks I am pregnant – charming. Affected me quite a lot actually. This is what my friends said:

“What a prick! Don’t let it bother you. He is a chauvinistic arsehole who will forever be alone. You don’t even need to excuse it, you look lovely and you enjoyed your holiday! You are tiny wtf is he on about? Go and put thumb tacks pointy side up on his chair and hopefully he will get a tiny prick up his arse…He would probably enjoy that though.”


“Ugh what a tool, it’s none of his bloody business anyway!! Totally inappropriate behaviour.”

“What a massive c**t! Take no notice of him. He can go suck a f***."

That’s why I love ‘em.

Looked in Theale charity shop – hats are expensive in there! Nearly brought a pregnancy book to keep on my desk when Tony is in the office, see if he says anything.
Homemade pizza and Scrubs with the usual lot was fun. And 1 episode of Bottom (culture). The chess scene is perfect.

Woke up feeling angry for some reason. Everything was setting me off. Listened to Chvrches while getting ready. Not in the mood to work especially when consultants have the view that they are far too important to complete their timesheets correctly.

 photo 2acb95f2-77f0-4ce3-b2c1-5762988a294e_zps3bd13ad4.jpg  photo dac3abd8-3fb1-4215-ae63-9dec924fc0b5_zpsd3aa49f9.jpg
 photo ecab1fd8-6a57-4c88-a2e8-68dd8e353ecf_zpse14b2fce.jpg  photo f7d719ec-517a-417b-82f8-00a254ea35b3_zpsf7ff81a8.jpg

Things that cheered me up this week: Coconut water ice-lollies, beginning to learn Spanish and hanging out with some very cool people.

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