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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Mmmm more food

I've had some nice meals this week - one which was an amazing Roast Beef dinner cooked by Jim but I didn't take a picture.

My exercise has been going well. I've stuck to the Couch to 5k programme and we're now on Week 2. I think we'll have to do that one for a couple of weeks. As soon as I hit 1 minute running, I get so out of breath!

I never used to run at work, and 2 of my friends always tried to get me out. I never went as they were very advanced runners. they've both left now and one of them still works round the corner. Well, he ran past me the other lunchtime saying "I can't believe you didn't tell me you were running!" You caught me! Won't be signing up for any 'fun runs' for a long time.

I'm also going to try the Blogilates beginners plan, starting from Friday. I tried a couple of Cassy's short workouts this morning, and they were really good! Definitely check her out if you need something new.

Anyway, back to the food!

 photo 2e8f2971-dbf8-439a-b8c0-cf73472e8333_zps3bac8561.jpg
Banana pancakes with banana, yoghurt, berries and grated dark chocolate.

 photo 502fc90d-e9d1-41a9-9a1d-a7eececda710_zps01f14868.jpg
Gammon, eggs, sweet potato chips and spinach Yum!

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