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Thursday, 12 December 2013


So, my friend is back on the dating scene again after being in an 8 year relationship since she was 17. Her first date is with a guy she's been talking to online, and is tomorrow.

It's so exciting!

Then she came out with "It's going to be quite casual so I'll just wear jeans and a band t-shirt.

Band t-shirt? No! Jeans, yes. Cute pumps, yes. But a band t-shirt? Unless you're going to a gig, it's just like you're making no effort whatsoever. Save that for later, wear a smart top instead.

I've been reading the Bridget Jones book too, she goes through a big long list of funny dating rules in that.
I'm no expert on dating as I'm also in a long lasting relationship (and blissfully happy, by the way). So I'll just give my tips, rather than what the 'rules' should be.

#1: No band t-shirts.
#2: If at a meal, share a starter/pudding, rather than having individual ones.
#3: Take turns in arranging the dates. This way you both get to do what you like, rather than just one person making the ideas all the time!
#4: Try new things!

That's all I can thing of for now. What are your tips on dating?

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