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Monday, 6 June 2011

Update// I never realised my life was that boring...oh dear

So today is just like any normal day. I eventually force myself to open my eyes and get out of bed after my alarm goes off 4 times. Monday mornings are the worst as I've spent all day Sunday dreading going back to work. I never know what to wear, so my outfits are usually pretty boring. A lot of my nicer clothes aren't really suitable for work. They're not slutty or anything, they're just quite casual. I guess I'll be going clothes shopping on holiday.

It's 09:54 now and so far Steve has been out 3 times for a cigarette break. I'm sitting on reception all day as Jo is on a First Aid course. The phones are quiet for now. I hope they stay quiet. We usually get a lot of cold callers and they don't like to get off the line.

15:34: Lunchtime wasn't so bad, it just went too fast. I went to Sainsbury's to buy some lunch and snacks for when I'm at work (mango, strawberries and mini babybel light yum.) I'm really craving a huge sandwich though but I'll save that for Wednesday after my weigh in. Or I could just have a nice take-away pizza. I know I'm definitely having Peanut M&M's at the cinema. I've been wanting them for weeks.
Later I'm round Jim's after Zumba. I am so tempted not to go but I want to lose 4lbs before my holiday so I am going to be good and do the exercise! It's a good thing that I love Zumba!

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