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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Manor House Shoot Inspiration

I'm shooting at a very impressive Manor House next weekend, with 4 models, designers, another make-up artist and 2 photographers. They want to submit the finished images to hopefully get published, so I'm really excited! Here is some inspiration images. I will name the other people I'm collaborating with on this shoot, I just haven't got a lot of time to blog at the moment so this is a bit of a rush post!
 photo 3468a03f-c672-4056-b536-d3357d57b695_zps3677b84e.jpg

 photo 62c6d91a-2fb8-48ac-999a-8257cb6f8eb6_zps07fbeb51.jpg
 photo f7c460fb-4f5b-4eb0-9db0-292d09fddcdc_zps75bcdd45.jpg
 photo 8972035c-de42-4341-9ac1-ae6b66858b8f_zps67663ede.jpg
 photo dbde0967-123c-49a6-b89e-b1e5a8261214_zps1ad40f59.jpg

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