This is what boredom has done

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I want to do something interesting with my hair. I've only just dyed it but as usual I'm bored with it already! At the end of the month I will hopefully have enough money to get it cut too.

I keep wanting to try purple again but as usual looking at pictures I find myself swinging towards red. I might dye it dark brown and have a block of red in my fringe or at the side, who knows? Everyone should experiment while they're young enough too! The question is, do I want subtle or bold?


  1. DEFO go red! I have had every colour/style/length under the sun and used to change ALL the time, but for about 15 months now i have been stuck on copper/red. I still crave a change as always, but lovelovelove the colour too much!

  2. Definitely go BOLD! ;D Red and purple are both very good options, I love both of them .. x