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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Wedding Update

So as a post is long overdue, I might as well update you with my wedding plans (which is only just under 3 weeks away!).

First up, hen do (obviously). A hen do is one of those events in life that makes your ego get a little bit bigger as you realise how important and special you are to people. Embrace it and let everyone deal with cleaning up!

My super duper amazing bridesmaids rented a cottage in Dorney Windsor. It was in a very pretty, secluded area. We got drunk in our pyjamas, played games, ate tons of food and watched TV. Loved it and much preferred it to going out. It went far too quickly and I want to relive it over again.

#2: Suits. At first this was kind of hard, as the material Jim originally wanted was only available on the High Street and it would have been too expensive to buy for 6 people. Someone he works with recommended Village Grooms in Spencers Wood. The shop didn't have the tweed wool in the colour Jim wanted but he agreed that it would be too hot in June to wear it and eventually settled on a different suit. Jim looked good in it and his converse looked cool. Another thing done.

#3: Think I am just about their with the venue. It's all paid off, the photographers meal choice selected, vegan options sorted, table plan done, margarita welcome drinks confirmed, BBQ confirmed, rooms all sorted. Vows and music also sorted.

#4: Hair/make-up/accessories etc. My underwear is sorted (no bra needed - YES!). The final fitting was on Thursday, it was perfect. I bought some glittery blue pumps to wear in the evening and I want to treat myself to some nice make-up. Saw a really cool playsuit in Ted Baker but I am in between sizes, gah! Might try again in a couple of weeks. I won't slim down especially for it though, clothes need to fit me, not the other way around!
I've booked an appointment to get my nails painted the day before with my mum and Jim's mum. Ladies, any ideas?

#5: Bouquets! i ordered some silk flowers for them and they look good. I'm glad as I spent £100! Then the 5 of us will have a night in and make our own. The floristry workshop I went on was really fun! I learnt how to make button holes, corsages, cake toppers, bouquets and table centre pieces. Wouldn't mind practicing some more- watch this space!

Wow I think I may have actually pulled off a wedding! Bring on the honeymoon!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Run up to the wedding

Argh I can't believe it's nearly here! There's now only 10.5 weeks to go and they are flying by, the countdown seems to go way too fast. On the one hand I can't wait until the wedding day, I've been engaged for over 2 years and we have been together for nearly 10. On the other hand I don't want it to be over! My friend at work asked me what will I do with myself afterwards? "Sit on the sofa in my tiara and veil, crying and eating chocolate." Obviously I won't be that bad, but inside that's how I'll feel! There's not much left to do. Jim has got an appointment to look at suits this month and the rest is just sorting out the decorations. The bridesmaids dresses are all here, a couple need taking up. Bouquets will be made in May after I have attending that Wedding Floristry workshop I booked. Oh, the hair trial is soon too. Bee & Liz had a make-up lesson with Bobbi Brown which went really well. I brought them some eyeshadow to share as they are wearing the same, and Liz some foundation. Flawless! The other two have there's booked on the 18th April. Then we'll practise together and I'll work out what look I will go for!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Papel Picado

Where the flippin' hell can I find any of these for a decent price?!!!

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Used @ Camden KOKO

I am cream crackered today as I was up in London last night to see The Used play at KOKO in Camden. Jim got me the gig tickets for Christmas - I listened to their album 'In Love and Death' loads when it came out (11 years ago!). I didn't know much of their stuff after that album as I didn't listen to them a lot after that, so I wasn't sure how the gig was going to be. Let me tell you, it was brilliant! They are such a fab live band, bringing loads of energy to the stage and interacting with the crowd well. They even brought some girl on the stage from the crowd to film everyone on her phone from up there. They did a little acoustic song too which was lovely. They played a good mix of old and new songs and there were a lot I didn't expect. Brought back so many memories! Will definitely go and see them again.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Frustrating Day

Argh had such a frustrating day today! I'm going to make these cookies and read about The Cribs new album.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

5 Day Slim Down Prep

 photo d112f294-cdde-474e-97db-5776941a010b_zps80d99b6e.jpg

So it's only the 2nd week of the 2015 Love Your Body Challenge and I have been slacking the last couple of days. I can feel some extra weight around my stomach that wasn't there before Christmas, so I have decided to give the 5 Day Slim Down another go to try and shift it fast.

Tonight I will be food shopping and prepping some breakfast and lunches:

Banana Protein Pancakes

Recipe by Runs and Roses
LYB Cupid Oats
Tuna and bean salads
Avocade salad dressing
Peanut butter smoothies

Got to stop the slacking - my wedding is coming up in June! Speaking of my wedding, the invitations have now been sent out and the tin cans have started to be painted for the table decorations. We brought the cacti a couple of weeks ago, ready to repot into the tin cans.

This Sunday we have our menu tasting at the venue. I can't wait! We have chosen beef quesadillas as a starter, and chicken mole as a main. I will let you know how that goes!
I am also going to enroll on a Saturday workshop at my local college to learn how to make wedding bouquets, buttons holes and corsages, as we will be making all our floral stuff ourselves. Then I have to remember how to do it and teach my bridesmaids....!